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How to Choose the Best Facilitator for Your Next Corporate Team Building Event

Posted by Jake Mandel on Apr, 30, 2019

Is your business looking to partner with a new corporate team building event planner in Canada or the US this year? If so, you probably know the numerous benefits that a team building event can have for your business.

You’ll understand that hosting a team building event can provide your brand with a wide range of benefits, from reducing workplace conflict, encouraging collaboration, boosting communication, improving problem-solving, building employee trust and engagement, and much more. 

Whatever the reason your business wants to partner with a team building event planner and whatever the goals you hope to achieve, selecting the right partner is absolutely essential for a seamless event.

The most important thing to remember is to partner with an event facilitator that works for your brand and helps you to achieve your end goal - and which can host an exciting and fun event at the same time.

How do I find the right team building event planner for my company’s needs?

A quick Google search will help your company to find a variety of potential corporate team building event providers across North America, but which ones are truly suited to the specific needs of your brand and will help you to achieve your goals?

To help you find the answer, Teambonders has created a list of three things to consider when looking for a team building event planner to partner with.

1 - Shop around

Once you know exactly what tangible outcomes you want to achieve from organizing a team building activity, the first step is to start looking into potential event facilitators that work in your area or in the location that you want to hold your event.

A great event planner will help you to achieve your goals and leave your employees feeling delighted, while a bad event planner could have a negative impact on how your staff view your brand. You don’t want to rush this decision.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and speak to a few team building event planners. After all, you want to find a facilitator that works for the unique needs of your company.

2 - Does the event facilitator have a positive attitude?

Once you have selected a potential team building event facilitator, it’s important to make sure that they are positive, forward-thinking and excited to work with you on your upcoming team building event.

By bringing a lot of energy and at the same time remaining professional, your event planner will be able to raise camaraderie, cooperation and communication during the team building activities - and this will all be transferred back to your office.

3 - What is their approach to team building?

Now that you are close to chosing a partner for your team building event, it’s time to have a meeting to discuss how they will approach the team building event. This will involve you explaining any current issues in your organization, what you want to achieve from the event and explaining the unique dynamics of your team.

This will help your facilitator to put together a draft agenda on how the team building event will run and how this will help you to achieve your goals.

Make sure you are 100% happy with the agenda, and then hold a second meeting to ask further questions. Test them on how they would handle certain situations so you can ensure they can tailor their approach to the specific needs of your team.

Are you looking for a professional event planning partner which can create and execute fun, custom team building activities and programs across Canada and the US? Contact Teambonders today to find out how we can help your business achieve its goals.

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