Host Your Own Corporate Olympic Games With Teambonders

Posted by Jake Mandel on Aug, 04, 2021

Are you following the Tokyo Olympics Games? There's been many awesome performances, and the games are bring a lot of joy and entertainment to people around the globe.

Whether it's team sports like volleyball or individual feats of fitness and endurance like the decathlon - spirits rise to the challenge of competition.

If you've got a group that's ready to get their game on and have some high-spirited competitive fun, then check out our Corporate Olympic Games, a fun-tastic in-person event, fully co-ordinated by our Teambonders on-site facilitators.

Indoors, outdoors, day or night, we kick off with our infamous custom Corporate Olympics, with Opening Ceremonies. Once everyone is pumped up and ready to go, we introduce "out of the ordinary" tasks, strategy games, mind bending problem solving, and very high energy but light physical challenges.

With dozens of absolutely unbelievable Olympic combinations, teams compete against each other (and the clock) to reach higher, stronger and faster (or something like that). Medals awarded (optional), we wrap up your corporate team event with Closing Ceremonies that not only highlight the fun, but convey the team spirit of your organization.

Similar to points awarded in the Olympic decathlon event - we award Gold, Silver, or Bronze cards for each activity - both for individual performances and for entire teams. Count of the cards at the end of the event and the team with the most Gold heads to the top of the podium.

If you holding an in-person event this summer or fall - get in touch with us about creating a customized version of our Corporate Olympic Games. We can create all sorts of challenges that your specific group will find hilariously fun.

For many organizations the return to in-person work is a milestone to be carefully celebrated. We're here to help with that. Holding an in-person event that respects all health protocols and your corporate rules, is something that will bring everyone together and feeling good about being part of your team.


And if an in-person event is not in the immediate future. check-out our amazing virtual team activities here.

Teambonders is a team of skilled corporate event creators and facilitators, committed to raising the spirit of camaraderie, cooperation and communication in the workplace through interactive and social events.


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