Building Trust in Virtual Teams, Have an APPMAZING Time

Posted by Jake Mandel on Apr, 15, 2020

With many of us working from home, it is important to find ways to virtually bond with remote working team members.

Here at Teambonders we have come up with virtual team building exercises that will allow your remote team to enjoy some friendly competition and bond with their colleagues, no matter where they are are located!


The APPMAZING ‘VIRTUAL’ HUNT: CORPORATE EDITION is a scavenger hunt-based activity that can be played anywhere in the world by 2 or more employees, so long as they have internet access.

To play, you must set up your event with Teambonders, they will then organize and structure the event to be held virtually. Your team will need to simply download AppVentures from the App Store on iOS or from the Google Play Store on Android, and enter the code word specifically set-up for your team.

Once your game officially starts, teams will try and complete as many of the custom-corporate challenges as possible within the time limit. Because you will not be able to finish them all, players/teams will need to strategize and choose which tasks to go for and which ones to leave behind.

Challenges will be a mix of snapping photos, taking videos and answering general knowledge and corporate specific trivia questions. We can even include video challenges to the players Mission-Impossible style, from anyone on your team!

Once the time is up, our team will audit your submissions to verify authenticity and validity before announcing the winner! And don’t worry, we will send you all the post event media for you to share with your teammates!


If you are a work from home parent or know someone who is looking for something fun to do with their family, you can play our Home-Based Scavenger Hunt for FREE using the code word listed on this page when you download the App. Here’s a link to learn more.


In each Family Game, you will have to try and complete as many of the family-friendly challenges as you can for your chance to earn bragging rights and in some cases, you could win some AWESOME prizes for our Special Sponsored Challenges!

Family games are FREE to play, and new games are being released often, with time limited and competitive games coming very soon!

Virtual team games are a great way to boost morale and get everyone engaged in a fun activity. For more information on our virtual programs for remote working employees head to our website!Check Out Our Virtual Events

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