Bonding for a Cause: Give Back to Your Employees and Your Community

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jul, 09, 2018

Looking for an exciting, unique and professional event that helps your employees to bond and improves workplace relationship and efficiencies? One of our Bonding for a Cause events could be the right choice for you.

Not only will one of our Bonding for a Cause events strengthen your company culture, reduce workplace conflict and encourage communication between staff members, it will also allow both your employees and your company to give back to the local community.

Get a taste of our renowned charitable events with our Bonding for a Cause event video, showcasing how employees can not only bond with their peers, but help those in need:

Bonding for a Cause: Bicycle Building

Designed for group of 6-600, our Bicycle Building event is a true corporate social responsibility (CSR) masterpiece. Teambonders’ highly-skilled staff will help as your team creates safe bicycles for your preferred charity.

Having fun as a group, team members will learn to collaborate with their peers, build new bonds, have fun, and learn to work together in creating something that is not only difficult but will also benefit the lives of others. A real teambonding event.

Bonding for a Cause: Toys for Tots

Our Toys for Tots program will see you create and construct toys for children in just two hours, making a difference to children’s lives. This great event will see your team work together to create toys that will then be donated to children through an organization of your choice. Who says you can’t teambond and give back at the same time?

Bonding for a Cause: Teddy Bear Building

Your employees will be sure to create a smile for both themselves and also those in need with this cute and cuddly event. Build company spirit and give back to less fortunate children with this teddy bear building event.

Participants will be challenged to design, create and decorate a variety of stuffed animals and clothing. These teddy bears will then be donated to children via a hospital, toy drive, charity or local school of your company’s choice.

Bonding for a Cause: Wheelchair Building

Our wheelchair build event is perfect for groups between 6 - 1,000 or more employees, and takes two to three hours. Employees will have the opportunity to build fully-functioning wheelchairs that will be donated to a caregiving, hospice or senior residence organization of your choice.

Teambonders’ group of highly-skilled facilitators will be on hand at each event to engage with those participating, to help those in needs and to make sure events are packed with fun and collaboration.

Want to know which teambonding event could work for your company? Contact us today!

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