Unite Your Team With These Remote Employee Engagement Activities

Posted by Jake Mandel on Apr, 20, 2020

Looking for a way to engage your team while they work from home during the COVID-19 crisis? Have you considered hosting a virtual team bonding event?

At Teambonders, we offer virtual team building activities that are completely online. This means you can get your entire team involved and benefitting from team bonding, no matter where they are located.

How do virtual team building activities work?

Utilizing meeting-based private chat functions, we can engage dozens, hundreds or thousands of participants at the same time. Players simply log into the game and stay connected with each other using a multitude of interactive, online solutions.

For example, in a quiz game, the host will read out the questions to the participating teams and then start the clock. Working together your team will arrive at an agreed-upon answer that they submit through the team's designated answer device (over the web, on a tablet or on a phone).

We also offer many ways to customize this team building event, from custom corporate questions to additional games between quiz sessions. It's a perfect activity for virtual bonding, online conference breakout sessions, virtual corporate entertainment, and real-time team bonding.

Here are just a few of the virtual team bonding events that we can organize for your business:

Virtual Feud

Virtual Feud is our online version of the popular long-running TV program, where individuals or teams compete virtually to guess the most popular answers to various survey questions about pop culture, general knowledge and corporate facts...with a Teambonders twist!

The goal in Teambonders’ version of The Feud and any of our Virtual Classic Game Shows is to maximize participation. The emphasis is not put on individual members of the ‘family’ per se, rather the team works together to communicate an overall ‘group’ answer. It's team-building, engaging, and good retro fun.

Complete with authentic classic visuals, sound effects and music – survey says – this is a fun, virtual team building activity that is an entertaining and exhilarating corporate event.

Virtual Quiz Quest

Remember those awesome trivia nights at the local watering hole? Let's bring them back, but virtually! Perfectly suited for at home or any location, anytime and anywhere, Teambonders has taken custom, interactive trivia to a whole new level.

Test your knowledge with a multitude of random questions, ranging from pop culture, to sports to custom corporate questions. Theme it to the 80’s, sports, history, geography or mix ‘em all up! Be part of the excitement and work with your team to be crowned the Virtual Quiz Quest champions

Our other virtual events include:

Virtual Hollywood Games: We have combined our most popular, fast-moving and high-energy game show challenges into one virtual event. Your entire team can play together over the internet, in one seamless real-time event.

APPMAZING Virtual Hunt: Want to challenge your remote workers no matter where they are based? From pop culture to custom challenges, this interactive app-based activity guarantees excitement and team bonding among your work-from-home staff.

Virtual Keynote Connection: Winning teams and championship dynasties, do not happen by accident - they are meticulously crafted and carefully built.

Human Eyes: A leadership workshop designed to help participants achieve exceptional leadership on both personal and organizational levels.

For more information on these virtual team building activities and more, contact us today!

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