Escape the Ordinary with this Virtual Team Building Game

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jul, 05, 2021


Is it time to break-free from Zoom calls, conference phone calls and Slack chat meet-ups? Has the novelty of remote working worn thin and left you wishing you could escape the doldrums and routine?

You're not alone. Chances are your teammates feel the same way.

We've got a high-tech solution that will get your team working together against the clock, a time-challenging activity with all the excitement of a locked room escape game - but run online with our virtual platform.

Mind Games, our virtual escape game, gives your teams 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles that lead towards cracking a mysterious case. Game challenges include cyber technology, riddles and out of the box thinking.  All of them require the collective brain power and collaboration of the entire group.

Game Concept

In this virtual activity your teammates work for a cutting edge gaming company called Mind Games. It is the finest puzzle creating and solving group ever assembled and your employees are responsible for everything the company makes. Corporate espionage is afoot and someone has threatened Mind Games and are withholding vital information and people. There's a limited amount of time to secure everything and everyone's release. To save the day your group needs to unlock each linear puzzle and progress until you've cracked the case before... times up!

This thrilling challenge get's everyone jumping to contribute, actively brainstorming and coming up with creative ideas to solve problems. Teams love this high energy, virtual online game, with inventive puzzles and mysterious clues.

Here are 3 reasons why this is the perfect summer treat for your remote team.

1- Collaboration: This activity ranks at the top of online virtual games that promote collaboration between participants. Coming at a problem from all different angles and perspectives is sure to advance your team towards the solution.

2- Time-Challenge: When the clock is ticking the excitement gets clicking. Even the most passive participants sense the urgency of a time-challenge and that pressure makes the activity more engaging and thrilling.

3- Creative-Thinking: Mind games, riddles, mysteries, puzzles - everyone will enjoying thinking creatively about the solutions needed to advance your team towards cracking the case. Fun challenges like these are a refreshing change from the everyday - and you know what they say, a change is as good as a rest.

Find out more about holding a Mind Games event with Teambonders. We provide the expertise to set-up your event, we run the virtual platform and we co-host or facilitate the entire thing. With our experience, your team is guaranteed a tremendous escape!

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