Corporate Team Building Events: 5 Things to Consider to Help You Achieve Your Objectives

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jan, 18, 2019

The New Year is here and many business owners, HR teams and company executives will be looking at ways to improve team morale, give something back to their employees and drive growth in 2019 - have you considered a corporate team building event? 

By creating a fun and enjoyable team bonding event, your company can bring employees together, drive collaboration, improve team morale, build better inter-office relationships, encourage innovation, boost creativity and much more.

However, before jumping into the planning stage of your event, it’s important that you clearly outline your objectives. This is entirely dependent on what your company hopes to achieve; are you looking to reward hard-working employees?; Perhaps you want to encourage staff members to work better together; or maybe you just want to introduce new members to your team.

Teambonders has created a list of five key factors you should consider before planning your corporate team building event. By taking your time to make sure you have set up your key objectives, your company can ensure that it not only plans the right event but that you also achieve what you set out to accomplish.

1 - Learn about your audience

A team building event is a great place to evaluate what is working in your organization and what isn’t, but before you get to this stage you first need to assess and learn more about your employees.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your team, and then figure out a way you can improve those skills. This could be as simple as finding which department isn’t communicating well and then creating an event that helps them to work together as a team.

2 - Set clear expectations

No matter what event you decide to plan, your company must ensure that it sets clear expectations before hosting the event. Your executive team, as well as your employees, should know exactly what the intent of the event is - it’s not just about getting out of work for a few hours!

By creating clear expectations of what your company wants to achieve from the event before you start the planning process, you will allow those planning it to create an event that fits your specific needs.

3 - Choose the activity after you’ve decided your objectives

It’s important that you don’t go into the planning stage of a corporate event with a specific activity in mind. It’s OK to have an idea, but having an activity set in stone could restrict you from achieving your desired objectives and outcomes.

Once you have set the goals that you hope the team building event will achieve, you will be in a better position to select an activity that helps you achieve them.

4 - Don’t overcomplicate things

Some companies who organize corporate events without the help of a professional, can often overcomplicate things by trying to tick too many boxes. Stick to a few main activities that will achieve the main objectives that you want to achieve, then you can always plan side activities to help you reach any other goals that you have.

Want more information about creating the perfect corporate team building event? Contact our team of experts today, who are more than willing to advise you on an event that will drive your business forward in 2019.

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