4 Cooking Challenges To Build Team Relationships

Posted by Jake Mandel on May, 23, 2018

“I cook, I create, I'm incredibly excited by what I do, I've still got a lot to achieve.” - Chef Gordon Ramsay

People love food. From thirty-second delicious-looking videos on Facebook to watching the Iron Chef on TV, collectively we are all obsessed with delicious treats and delectable entrees.

So, why are we so focused on food? It’s our basic human instinct, we need food to survive, but today food is more than mere sustenance - we can’t resist uttering the words, “tasty”. 

As humans, we are defined by how we make food, and work together to make it happen. We can’t live without it. As cave people we were captivated by fire, not just by its looks, but for its ability to let us cook. It is a hobby that some avoid but, ultimately, its a common ground that everyone has to tread, making it a great opportunity to bring your corporate team closer together.

Spice up your employees culinary knowledge by leaving the office and heading to the kitchen. Time to roll up your sleeves and get cooking! Here are four great events to get your team participating as a team and flexing their leadership skills.

1. The Dinner Switch

Held in a restaurant of your choice, a hotel banquet room, or even at different restaurants for each course, this team bonding event is exciting and interactive. The energetic and entertaining Teambonders Host facilitates the program, leads the tabletop games and exercises, coordinates the changing of the tables and works with the restaurant on the timing of the courses.

Suggested Time: An evening with a 4 course plated meal
Group Sizes: 20 - 150
Suggested Team Size: Tables of 8-12

2. Live Chef Challenges

Teambonders Custom Corporate Live Chef Challenge transports your teams to Kitchen Stadium! Teams work together to successfully produce masterpieces in a timed Iron Chef-style culinary competition. Once we reveal the "secret ingredient", each team will produce an appetizer, main entrée, and dessert to present to a panel of expert VIP judges.

Suggested Time: 2-2.5 hours
Group Sizes: 8 - 250
Suggested Team Size: Team of 6-8

3. Ultimate Cupcake Boss

This challenging event requires teams to create a multitude of mini delectable treats – still within the set time limit. You’ll find the expert panel to be just as scrutinizing, but will also now be judging teams’ creations on consistency in look, taste and presentation as well. With a smaller surface area to work with, teams are even further pressed to demonstrate their creative flair and ideas.

Suggested Time: 2 hours +
Group Sizes: 8 - 100 +
Suggested Team Size: Teams of 6-8

4. This Takes The Cake

For those with a sweet tooth, this program is definitely for you. Armed with a plethora of baking ingredients and the limitless bounds of your imagination, teams race against the clock to produce their decadent cake masterpieces. The Teambonders crew will assist along the way, but make no mistake, your team will be under the scrutiny of the expert panel of judges – when it comes to critiquing taste, texture, overall structural design and aesthetics. So, leave all inhibitions at the door and prepare to get your hands dirty.

Suggested Time: 2 hours +
Group Sizes: 8 - 100 +
Suggested Team Size: Teams of 6-8

Hungry Yet?

Baking, cooking and having fun can create the strong team you need to be successful. Just like a Head Chef strives for a new Michelin-star rating, it is important to inspire your team to work together through adversity and challenges. Make it a tasty time nurturing your employees skills and connections to one another with Teambonders, one of the largest provider of team building events in North America.

We are excited to host your next event, from large sales conferences to smaller office gatherings - we have amazing activities, games, and challenges that will rocket you to ‘event planning’ stardom.

Contact Teambonders today and let’s get your team working together.

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