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Posted by Jake Mandel on Jan, 21, 2022

Managing a remote team can be difficult. You need to ensure your remote team collaborates well, onboard new employees so they can meet their fellow team members and you need to ensure that relationships remain strong so that your employees can work together successfully on projects.

This isn’t easy when your employees are all working from different locations. That’s why in 2022, virtual team building events are so important for remote teams. 

In fact, according to Gallup research, “virtual team building activities lead to an increase in employee performance rate, claiming 41 percent lower absenteeism and 21 percent higher profitability.”

In this blog we take a quick look at why virtual team building is so important for remote teams and discuss how our brand new virtual team building event, Virtual Switch It Up can benefit your organization!


Why virtual team building is important for remote teams

Virtual team building events are the same as traditional team building events, which focus on bringing your team together to create stronger bonds and improve communication, but instead of in-person or hosted online instead.

In fact, team building is arguably even more important for remote teams (although we would say they are just as important for both!). That’s because trust and transparency is crucial for teams where communication is not in person, and building strong relationships lays the foundation for that.

Benefits of virtual team building for remote teams include:

  • Improving employee morale
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Promote workforce collaboration
  • Better onboarding experiences for new team members
  • The ability to bring together teams that don’t commonly speak to one another.
  • Building a positive workplace culture
  • Strengthening relationships among team members

We’ve created a brand-new virtual team building event to ensure your business is able to realize these benefits. 

We’ve created the perfect team building event for your business - Switch it Up!

Virtual Switch It Up is our brand-new team building event that offers your employees the opportunity to connect and network with many different participants in a collaborative, camaraderie building and high-energy series of highly-engaging team building activities. 

This virtual social event will give your team a great ice-breaking and unique meet and greet opportunity, where they can build relationships, gain collaboration experience and have fun with their peers.

This flexible event is a great way to help your team get better acquainted, celebrate team success or build a springboard of celebration through a series of entertaining team challenges that get your entire organization talking, laughing and working creatively together to achieve success.

So, how exactly does it work? The Teambonders team of event experts both host and facilitate the program, dividing your business into teams where they will play a number of games in a highly-collaborative environment. A winner will be announced after each round.

Each team will be shuffled before the next game, allowing your employees to get to know and collaborate with a completely new group of peers. 

The best thing is the event is highly customizable. Whether you want to include food, games or meet and greet activities, Teambonders is here to ensure the event is perfectly designed for the needs of your organization. 

Teambonders has the experience, know-how and expertise to help corporate clients host a wide variety of fun, collaborative and interactive team building events - both in-person and virtually. Interested in learning more? Contact our team today.


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