Case Study: Morgan Stanley Celebrates Bringing Team Together

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 27, 2020

With a vast number of employees now working from home, team building initiatives have never been more important. 

Of course, some traditional / physical team building events can no longer be hosted by your organization due to COVID-19 and the increasing importance of keeping your employees safe. So, what are your options? Virtual team building events are the innovative solution!

Virtual team building events make the most of today’s innovative video and audio meeting technologies to bring your remote employees together for online bonding events - even when they can’t physically get together for an in-person event. 

When designed and run properly to ensure each employee feels comfortable and is allowed to participate, virtual team building events will help your business realize a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved communication
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Better collaboration between teams
  • Happier and more loyal employees
  • A stronger sense of team spirit 
  • And many other benefits!

It’s for this reason Morgan Stanley recently held a virtual team building event for a team of interns employed by the company. 

What was the virtual team building event for Morgan Stanley? 

Game type: Hollywood Games Team Activity 
Date: July 9
Number of participants: 60
Hosted and created by: Teambonders

Teambonders has hosted a number of team building events for Morgan Stanley in the past, but with their employees now working remotely the company wanted something a little different through the form of a virtual team building event.

To help celebrate bringing their team of interns together, Morgan Stanley decided to work with Teambonders to host a Virtual Hollywood Games Team Activity

The Virtual Hoolywood Games team building event is a program of super-charged fabulous fun for all types and sizes of online corporate groups. The event, which was produced like a TV show to be warm and inviting to attendees, saw Morgan Stanley’s team of interns working together to compete with their peers. 

Each team entered “breakout rooms”, where they were given a set amount of time to collaborate and finalize their answers to 10 specific questions within each themed round. Once the teams finalized their answers, they were brought back into the “game zone” where they revealed their answers to the host. 

The event for Morgan Stanley included six rounds of light and fun questions, including:

  1. Name that Tune: 2000s TV Shows
  2. Famous People
  3. Movie Masters: Who said it? Name the Actor!
  4. World Landmarks
  5. Movie Masters” Film Clips
  6. Name that Tune: Top 100 Pop Tunes

Morgan Stanley was able to improve collaboration, build stronger relationships among their team and celebrate the hard work that their interns had done over the past year with this all-inclusive virtual team building activity. 

Commenting on the event, a representative of Morgan Stanley said: “Thanks for organizing a fantastic event! We had a ton of fun and it was super seamless.”

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