Case Study: How Biogen Improved Employee Morale With a Teambonder’s Virtual Event

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 01, 2020

With an increasing number of employees now working remotely from home, taking initiatives to improve employee morale and boost collaboration has never been more important. That’s why organizations must consider hosting virtual team building events.

Virtual team building activities can encourage more effective communication, improve employee morale, build stronger team relationships, drive better collaboration, promote creative problem solving and much more. 

Those are the exact benefits that Biogen wanted to access when they hosted Teambonders’ virtual team building event earlier this year.

Why did the company choose to host a virtual team building event?

Biogen had initially scheduled to do a teambuilding activity in a live setting, but had to shift to a virtual event earlier this year when the pandemic hit. 

With its employees now working from home, the company wanted to organize a fun and exciting virtual event that would facilitate its employees to work remotely in a team setting. As a result, the event they chose was specifically designed to encourage closer bonds and further build relationships between Biogen’s staff.

That’s why the company chose Teambonders’ Virtual Feud Game Show team activity. 

What did the event involve?

The Virtual Feud Game show, which had 83 participants across 10 teams and was held on June 18, was the perfect solution to help improve employee morale and bring employees closer together while they are working remotely. 

The fun, virtual team building activity is based on the hit TV show Family Feud and included survey questions based on pop culture, general knowledge, and corporate-related questions to keep the BioGen team on their toes.

The virtual event was the perfect team building activity for the company, with its focus on maximizing participation and encouraging each team to work together in a collaborative process to give a ‘family’ answer. 

How did the activity work?

Biogen was initially hesitant about making the transition to a virtual event, and was concerned that the activity wouldn’t be as beneficial to its team and that the game wouldn’t run as seamlessly as an in-person event. 

These concerns disappeared before the event even started. 

Teambonders is a trusted source for team building activities, and was able to host and provide everything that Biogen needed for the event. All the company had to do was provide a private, secure link to its employees from Teambonders, with a meeting ID number and password. 

This link took the company’s employee to a web portal link, where they could join the event without even having to download the Zoom software onto their work computer. The participants were then welcomed into the event room by the host, and introduced to the rest of the Teambonders’ virtual event facilitation team.

The activity itself was simple. The host read out the survey to the participating family teams, who then had 60 seconds to discuss privately in break out rooms before giving their answer. 

This ease of use for participants meant that Biogen’s employees were able to fully immerse themselves into the activity at hand, collaborating with their team to find the right answers and win the game. 


“Amazing. You guys never disappoint, you are incredible. Everyone experienced this for the first time and I have already received a fantastic response from the participants so far. Thank you so much,” commented the organizer of the event. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of a virtual team building event and how we can design an activity that suits the unique needs of your organization? Contact the Teambonders’ team of skilled corporate event creators and facilitators today. We would love to help.

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