Benefits of Working with Teambonders in Planning Your Next Team Building Event

Posted by Jake Mandel on Dec, 20, 2017

Planning any event can be a daunting task. You need to take into consideration the crowd you will be entertaining, the purpose of the event, the entertainment itself, the list can literally go on. This is a large task for one person or even a committee to take on – so why not reach out to the professionals for some assistance?

Team building events are a type of event that can become overwhelming to plan, as there could be multiple elements involved and above all else – you want to get it right! You want the event to be fun, exciting, something people talk about for weeks to come, and remember with a smile!

Professional help can be the way to go. Expert advice and event management skills will reduce your stress and let you focus on your guests. Professionals can help you plan the perfect team building event for you and your organization.

Our team at Teambonders are skilled program architects and facilitators, who are committed to raising the spirit of camaraderie, cooperation and communication. Our goal is to transfer these assets back to your workplace or organization through interactive and social play.

We have programs suitable for any team building event you can think of – and we’ll customize the programs to fit your requirements perfectly!

Still wondering why we are the team you should work with? Here are four qualities that we are especially proud of and that set us apart from the rest of the pack.

Experience is Key

We have almost two decades of experience planning, creating and facilitating the highest quality team bonding experiences for organizations all across North America. Our team is made up of the perfect mixture enthusiasm, creativity, and of seasoned veterans, making for the perfect delivery of helpful expertise.

Execution to Perfection

“Whatever is takes” is our motto, and we live by it for every event. It doesn’t matter what challenges we may be faced with. There is only “one” first event – so we are aware how important that first impression is. Therefore, it is our mission to provide the most exceptional experience possible, and that includes a hassle free execution of the event.

Attention to Detail

Event programs have many small details and dependent tasks that need to be coordinated and managed for a cohesive, seamless experience. Our attention to detail is impeccable – this is something we take pride in and our clients truly notice.

We make every event geared and themed to meet your corporate identity, as well as provide expert facilitation. All of this combined creates a recipe for success!

Creativity in High Gear

We don’t host ordinary team building events, I mean, we could if that is what you want, but in a world of vanilla program offerings we choose to work outside of the box and deliver extraordinary programs.

We are constantly looking for new creative ways to get your team working together and having more fun than they could imagine. We work hard to make sure our programs are better and more interactive than those you would find with other team building companies.

Lastly, when it comes to planning your team building event, we are with you every step of the way. We are here to help organize or answer any questions you may have.

You want to make it bigger, let’s do it! Perhaps you’re not sure of the location, we will give you recommendations for alternatives. Let’s create a partnership and throw the best team building event your organization has ever seen! For more information about Teambonders and our events, please check out our website or contact us today!

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