5 Tips for Creating a Virtual Team BINGO Party

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jan, 31, 2023

Team building BINGO is a popular and engaging way to bond with colleagues and build team spirit. It’s a familiar activity that helps people to get to know each other better, share laughs, learn something new. 

Teams are often spread out over company locations, remote offices, or even across countries. Over that last few years, it's become more important to find ways to connect and have positive experiences virtually. Our virtual BINGO game is just the program for doing that.


If you are looking to organize a great game of team building BINGO, here are five tips to ensure a fun-filled time is had by all.

1 - Choose an engaging theme

To start, you want to choose a BINGO theme that aligns with your corporate culture and will be entertaining for your team. Once you have a theme, you can create invitations, posters, give-aways and props to go along with it. Some ideas include - spring break, beach party, baseball, monster mania, travel...

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2 - Choose a unique prize

The prizes you select for winning BINGO should be something that everyone participating in the game would appreciate and enjoy. It’s also important that the prizes tie back into the purpose of your event. Instead of giving each winner something they can enjoy on their own, give out team prizes like a pizza party, social outing or extra spend for their department.

Also try to change up the prizes to keep it more interesting. Instead of giving the same thing to each winner, have team gifts that get progressively better. This will increase the excitement, level of engagement and participation.

3 - Incorporate an educational component

Incorporating an educational component into your team building BINGO can help engage the team, promote collaboration and increase participation. Instead of just calling alphanumeric digits, try creating questions or tasks related to the mission and/or goals of the company and have teams complete them to fill in their BINGO cards.

You also want to make sure your BINGO cards are creative and interesting. To keep the game fresh, create cards that have dynamic and fun items like quotes and images.

4 - Don’t forget the food and drink

The food and drinks you serve should be (almost) just as much fun as the game itself. If you are playing virtually against other teams, you can arrange catering for each location. Try to fit the food into the theme of your BINGO game, such as having a beach holiday themed BINGO night with island fruit punch and margaritas (they can be non-alcoholic). This will help to create a fun and appealing event that everyone will enjoy.

If you are holding the event with individuals virtually, consider letting your teams order from a local food delivery service. While it is not necessary for a virtual event, it can definitely make the experience feel more like a reward for your crew.

5 - Make it fun

Lastly, don’t forget to make it fun. Create a celebration for the winners, and give out team cheers. Make sure the game is lighthearted and full of laughter. This will help create a memorable event that your team will be talking about for weeks and months to come.

Teambonders has a virtual BINGO team building event you’ll love

If you are looking for a great way to get your work-from-home and hybrid teams to collaborate and be more creative, you definitely want to check out our virtual BINGO event.


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Authentic BINGO hall-style caller boards will be displayed on screen and participants will be provided with virtual or printable cards that they need to fill in. We can even inject trivia questions into the game to add more challenges and opportunities to connect back to your goals.

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