5 Hybrid Team Building Events That Will Drive Team Collaboration

Posted by Teambonders on Apr, 20, 2021

In our previous blog, Hybrid Team Building: Boost Both In-Office and Remote Morale, we discussed what hybrid team building events are and how they can benefit your organization. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the top Teambonders hybrid events that will ramp up your company’s team building initiatives.

Before we get into those, however, let’s first take a quick recap on what hybrid events actually are and how they can benefit your business. 

Hybrid team building events explained

Hybrid events are a fantastic solution for organizations that have a mix of in-office workers and remote employees. A hybrid team building event uses seamless and reliable video conferencing software to bring office-based and work-from-home employees together for an exciting and engaging collaborative event.

Those based in an office can either be on one screen or multiple screens, while those working from home will each have their own screen during the event. This fosters an inclusive environment that builds a stronger bond between your employees no matter where they are located. 

Hybrid team building events are particularly important as the future of work is becoming increasingly dominated by remote work, work-from-home and work-from-anywhere models. It can also be used to create stronger bonds between employees located in different office locations.

The benefits of hosting hybrid team building events

Hybrid team building events might be delivered in a different way to in-person team building events or virtual team building events, but they will help your organization achieve the same results.

Benefits of a hybrid team building event include improved communication among your team, a rise in employee morale, better collaboration between team members, the ability to foster an inclusive atmosphere, improved productivity, better decision making, as well as a huge number of benefits. 

Hybrid team building events that will drive ROI for your organization

With that in mind, what hybrid team building events will help your organization grow, while also improving the morale of its employees? Here at Teambonders we have a range of hybrid team building events that can be specifically customized to the requirements of your organization.

Here are our five favourite hybrid team building events right now:

1 - The Feud

Survey says! This entertaining and exhilarating team building activity will see your team compete head to head with each other with survey questions borrowed from the hit TV show. Complete with authentic visuals, sound effects and music, this team building event will include questions based on pop culture, general knowledge, and even a few custom corporate-centric questions to get your employees collaborating with each other.

2 - Awesome Bingo 

BINGO! Take part in this exciting game for your entire organization - no matter where they are located. With predetermined prizes, added trivia questions and custom-designed bingo cards, this team building event is sure to get your team talking.

3 - Hollywood Game Zone

Roll out the red carpet for your employees in this star-studded event. This activity is a compilation of our most popular and fastest-paced game show challenges, all rolled up into one incredible package that will leave your entire team talking about the event for months to come.

4 - Mind Games

Want to provide your team with a fun activity that will not only build relationships, but also get them thinking? Buckle up for this mobile, high-tech escape game where your team has just 60 minutes to solve a multitude of puzzles and crack the case.

5 - AppMazing Hunt 

Join this real-time digital game where teams must strategically decide which challenges to complete, and those to leave behind. Download the exciting app and watch your team as they complete as many custom-corporate challenges as possible within the designated time limit, working together to beat the game!

Are you interested in any of these hybrid team building events, or simply want to enquire about customizing your very own activity? Contact Teambonders today. Our team of expert and highly-experienced team building event architects would love to help.

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