5 Fun and Engaging St. Patrick’s Day Team Building Activities

Posted by Jake Mandel on Feb, 04, 2022

Holidays are always a great time to bring your team together and promote collaboration, team building and communication in a fun, exciting and highly-interactive environment… And St. Patrick’s Day is almost here!

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up in March, there’s no better excuse to bring your employees together (whether virtually or in person) for some fun, engaging activities that promote teamwork.

By hosting an in-person or virtual team building event for your employees, your business can improve employee morale, increase productivity, promote collaboration, bring virtual teams together and enhance your workplace culture.

So, with that in mind, here are just a few of our favourite St. Patrick’s day team building activities that will give your employees a shamrockin’ good time this year.

#1 - Mix up your team bonding with Virtual Switch It Up!

Want to host an event where your employees work with multiple peers throughout the course of the event? With Virtual Switch It Up, each time the activity is changed so are the teams as well. Each participant gets to be with more people than just one team!

Switch It Up is the perfect ice-breaking event that allows teams to build relationships with peers outside of the teams they typically work with during their day-to-day environment. With Switch It Up you can choose from a range of fun, interactive games and activities that will give your employees a blast.


#2 - Race against the clock with AppMazing Hunt

Work in a fast-paced environment? Then why not try this action-packed, custom team activity and bring the fun of a scavenger hunt to a whole new level of excitement. AppMazing Hunt is a unique team building activity in which teams have to battle the clock to figure out as many custom challenges as possible.

With real-time GPS map tracking, live scoreboard updates and interactive team chats, this action-packed team building event is sure to get your employees excited this St. Patrick's Day.

#3 - Cook up an Irish dish with Virtual Chef Experiences

Want to cook up a storm with your team? Then why not host a Virtual Live Chef Experience this St. Patrick’s Day, where your team members can use their kitchens to whip up some delicious Irish treats.

Virtual Live Chef Experience is a dynamic, exciting and informative experience that brings your team together to share experiences and individual skill through the art of cooking. Follow along as an engaging live chef demonstrates how to cook an Irish culinary masterpiece. 


#4 - Boost collaboration with Survey Showdown

Can your team uncover the most popular answers and bank the points? Find out in Survey Showdown, where survey questions are based on pop culture, general knowledge and even your own organization. Give it a St. Patrick’s Day twist with some Irish-based questions!

Survey Showdown sees teams compete in-person or virtually to guess the most popular answers to the survey questions. This exciting and highly-interactive game puts an emphasis on collaboration, as teams work together to communicate their top answer. 

#5 - Whip up an Irish beverage with Virtual Mixology

Want to experience some traditional Irish merriment? Why not host a Virtual Mixology Whiskey tasting event where your team can have fun learning about the big four whiskeys - scotch, rye, bourbon and, of course, Irish! 

Learn about the distilleries, fermentation process and even play around with creating your very own Irish cocktails.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with Teambonders today. We’d love to help your business host a unique and custom-made team building event, designed specifically for your organization.


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