4 Ways to get Your Team Excited for a Corporate Team Building Event

Posted by Jake Mandel on Feb, 14, 2019

Whether your team building event is mandatory or voluntary, getting your team excited to attend is a critical step in ensuring everyone comes and has a good time.

Positivity is contagious, but so is negativity. Even if a select few individuals are not looking forward to coming, their comments and opinions can quickly bring down those around them. To ensure this doesn’t happen, get ahead of the problem and spread the positivity and excitement the moment you start planning your corporate team building event. 

Teambonders has listed four ways that you can get your team excited about the event through sharing details and building up a buzz:

1 - Give them a reason to attend

It is important for your business that your employees are well trained and able to effectively work together, but stating that this is the sole purpose of your team building event might not be as attractive to them as it is to your stakeholders and management team.

While your event should be relatable to the obstacles and opportunities your employees face each working day, they should also be fun. If your message is relevant to your team it will peak their interest and get them excited for the event.

At the end of the day, if your event is well planned, the business purpose will become clear when your teams participate.

2 - Start an event page on social media

These days, almost everyone is on social media in some form or another. Find out which social platform is most predominantly used by your employees and create an event page on it.

This will give you a place to share ideas, ask questions and post details of the big day.

3 - Promote the event in as many ways as possible

Not everyone uses the same communication channels, so it is important to send information about the event to employees in multiple ways. This may include mentioning it in meetings, sending out emails, or having posters up around the office.

Just be sure to choose methods that are most relevant to your team.

4. Get your team involved

When we feel like we helped bring something to fruition, we tend to have a greater connection to it. From day one, get employees involved by opening the planning committee up to everyone so that those who are really excited about the prospect of a team building day can be a part of organizing the event.

Once the committee has been put together, involve employees by asking them to give their input about various aspects of the day – what should the theme be, what food should we serve, what do you expect to see at the event? This will help everyone feel like they are playing a role.

For more ideas to make your teambuilding event a success, contact us today!

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