4 Outdoor Team Building Activities for Your Next Company Event!

Posted by Jake Mandel on May, 15, 2024


As the weather warms up and the summer sports season approaches, it's the perfect opportunity to invigorate your team with some outdoor fun. Outdoor activities not only lift spirits but also strengthen communication and collaboration. If you're looking for a creative way to encourage teamwork, especially in an Olympic year, here are four thrilling activities to try:

#1 - AppMazing Hunt

Elevate your team's scavenger hunt experience with AppMazing Hunt, a high-tech adventure that combines fun and teamwork. Using the app, participants will receive real-time updates, track scores, and interact through team chats. You can customize the hunt for any location to ensure it's perfectly tailored to your team's interests and challenges. The thrill of tracking down QR codes and deciphering clues will get your team collaborating like never before.

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#2 - AppMazing Race

Inspired by the TV show, this dynamic experience tests teams' wit, speed, and problem-solving skills across a series of challenges. The AppMazing Race pits teams against one another in an exhilarating competition that blends strategy and excitement. Each checkpoint offers unique challenges, requiring teams to use creativity and effective communication to advance. With high-tech tracking, your teams can receive live updates, ensuring an unforgettable, fast-paced event.

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#3 - Corporate Olympics

Harness the spirit of the Olympics with our Corporate Olympics, a high-energy event that mixes strategy, creativity, and physical challenges. Kick things off with an Opening Ceremony before moving on to a series of custom-designed challenges that will test your team's ability to collaborate and think on their feet. Medals are awarded at the Closing Ceremony, ensuring a memorable event that builds team spirit.

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#4 - Minutes to Win It

Do you have what it takes to beat the clock? Our Minutes to Win It activity pits teams against each other in a fast-paced competition of physical and mental challenges. From puzzles to games, your team will need to think strategically and communicate effectively to complete the tasks and collect "Teambonders Bucks." This all-inclusive program is perfect for encouraging collaboration, creative thinking, and a good dose of competitive fun.

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Looking to host an unforgettable team-building event that brings people together in a fun and dynamic way? Whether it’s the AppMazing Hunt, AppMazing Race, Corporate Olympics, or Minutes to Win It, Teambonders has you covered. Reach out to us today to create a custom experience that will energize and excite your team!

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