3 Outdoor Team Games For Corporate Team Building Events

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jul, 12, 2023

Ready to reward your hard-working team with a fun day out? Or, maybe you are tasked with organizing the annual summer conference and need some ideas for interactive team-building exercises? Whether you are a small group of 5 or a large group of 1,000+ - Teambonders has the perfect entertainment on offer.

When you select Teambonders as your team-building activity vendor, you get high quality programs with a proven track record of outstanding entertainment value and thrilled clients. From helping to select a program to on-site leadership and facilitation, we are with you every step of the way.

So, where to begin?

Many companies organize annual events and get-togethers during the summer, when the weather is great for outside activities and travel is easier. We've picked out 3 popular team building programs that are just the thing for gatherings at outdoor venues. These team games are highly collaborative, build communications between team members and are a ton of fun!

#1 - Corporate Olympics

Experience the ultimate team-building event that combats boredom and boosts productivity. Our version of the Olympic Games will have your team energized and immersed in an interactive social competition. Teambonders custom Corporate Olympics kick off with thrilling opening ceremonies. Prepare for "out of the ordinary" tasks, mind-bending problem-solving, and high-energy challenges. Compete against other teams and the clock to reach new heights. Optional medal awards and closing ceremonies wrap up this unforgettable event, showcasing the fun and team spirit of your organization.

With a predetermined rotation schedule and our expert facilitation team, transitions between events are seamless. Earn Gold, Silver, and Bronze cards based on team performance at each station. The team with the most Golds will claim victory and stand on the podium as your Corporate Olympic champions!


#2 - AppMazing Hunt

Embark on an exhilarating custom team activity with the Amazing AppVentures™ mobile app. This action-packed adventure features real-time GPS tracking, interactive team chats, and custom challenges. Play the AppMazing Hunt anywhere in the world, indoors or outdoors, and challenge colleagues in multiple cities simultaneously. Capture memories with photos and videos taken during the event, making it a perfect wrap-up for corporate outings, conferences, or team-building meet-ups.

During the AppMazing Hunt, teams receive a 15-minute briefing before diving into the challenges. With a limited timeframe of 2-2.5 hours, teams strategize to earn points by solving as many custom challenges and finding identified items as possible. Finding all items is unlikely, so teams must make collective decisions on which tasks to focus on and plan their next moves wisely. This thrilling activity fosters teamwork and excitement, leaving lasting impressions on participants.


#3 - AppMazing Race

Get everyone on their feet and engaged with the indoor or outdoor AppMazing Race™. Utilizing the digital landscape of any location, this activity brings the thrill of exploration to the palm of your hands. Create lasting memories and conquer irresistible challenges with this Amazing Race-style program that guarantees a first-place finish.

The AppMazing Race™ kicks off with a 15-20 minute team briefing at the starting location. Our Teambonders facilitator will explain the rules, provide strategy examples, offer technical tips, and guide teams on how to navigate through the mobile app and devices. Get ready for an adventure like no other!


These are 3 exciting choices for your corporate summer event, but Teambonders has so much more to choose from: classic game shows, charitable activities, food and drink challenges, casino nights, motivational guest speakers ...

Browse our complete directory and then get in touch with Teambonders to discuss your next company event. Or check out some of our client reviews and see who we've worked with, and what they had to say about partnering with Teambonders!

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