10 Steps to Help You Find the Perfect Corporate Event Venue

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 20, 2023

When tasked with organizing a corporate event, there are a range of factors that come into making it a success. The activity you choose, the in-house team or third-party experts running the event and your budget are all key factors that impact whether your event will be a success. 

Another defining decision is the venue at which you host your event. Your corporate event venue dictates the mood of the event, the functionality of the space for your activity and the overall ROI your business realizes. 

Now, of course, we’re not saying there’s a wrong venue choice. The beauty of team building programs is that they can be hosted anywhere in the world, even virtually if that’s what works for your company. But there is a time and a place for each type of venue, and that is what we hope to help you unravel in this blog. 

So, if you’re currently planning an event, and choosing a corporate event venue has become a daunting task, this guide will walk you through 10 steps that will help you find the perfect venue. Let’s ensure your event stands out in all of the right ways. 

#1 - Understand Your Event’s Core Purpose

Your event type dictates your venue requirements. For instance, product launches necessitate modern, stylish venues equipped with state-of-the-art technology to showcase the product effectively. Team building sessions, on the other hand, flourish in versatile spaces that allow for both intimate discussions and larger group activities. 

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#2 - Confirm the Venue is Accessible for Your Team

Location plays a pivotal role in determining event turnout.Proximity to transport links - whether it's a subway station or a major highway - is crucial. Additionally, think about parking; an easily accessible venue without adequate parking can be a logistical nightmare.

#3 - Does the Venue Fit into Your Budget?

When considering costs, transparency is key. A venue might appear affordable at first glance, but hidden charges for essentials like seating, tech equipment, or even utilities can quickly tip the scales. Always ask for a detailed cost breakdown, and compare inclusions across various venue offerings to ensure you're getting value for your money.

#4 - Double-Check the Venue’s Technology Infrastructure

Some corporate events are highly reliant on technology. This means the chosen venue should offer robust Wi-Fi capable of handling multiple devices. Additionally, modern AV equipment, from clear sound systems to high-definition projectors, can sometimes be crucial. Beyond the equipment itself, on-site technical support can save the day in case of unforeseen tech hiccups

#5 - Ask About the Catering Offered at the Venue (if any)

Beyond just satisfying hunger, food at corporate events often becomes a talking point. It's essential to ensure that high quality dishes are on offer. Prioritize venues that provide tasting sessions. Additionally, in our increasingly health-conscious and diverse society, a varied menu catering to different dietary needs - from vegan to gluten-free - is imperative. If the venue doesn’t offer catering, or you don’t like what they offer, you can always bring in a third-party company to cater for your event. 

#6 - Make Sure the Ambiance of the Venue is Personalized for Your Team

The venue should radiate an ambiance that aligns with your event's theme and your company's brand identity. From lighting to decor, every aspect contributes to the overall mood. Further, personalization is key. A venue that allows or even assists in branding the space - whether through banners, digital displays, or customized decor - can make the event feel uniquely yours. 

#7 - Research the Venue’s Reputation and Recommendations

It's said that reputation precedes, and this holds in the world of corporate event venues. Delve into detailed testimonials and case studies, if available, for a comprehensive understanding of past events. Personal recommendations, especially from peers in your industry, can also offer invaluable insights, providing first-hand accounts of their experiences.

#8 - Ensure the Venue has a Plan B in Case of the Unexpected 

Even with meticulous planning, unforeseen challenges can arise. For outdoor events, sudden weather changes can throw a wrench in your plans, so having a backup indoor space is wise. Similarly, for all events, technical backup systems and alternative seating or space arrangements can help navigate unexpected hurdles smoothly.

#9 - Visit the Venue and Make Sure it Works for Your Activity

While photos and virtual tours give an overview of the venue, they can sometimes be deceptive. An in-person visit allows you to gauge aspects that digital mediums can't convey - like the acoustics of a room or the natural lighting during specific times of the day. Meeting the venue's management team can also give insights into their responsiveness and eagerness to accommodate special requests.

#10 - Understand the Venue’s Contract 

Before finalizing the booking with your chosen corporate event venue, review the venue's contract thoroughly. Look for clauses that allow flexibility in terms of date changes, cancellations, or adjustments. Having a clear understanding can prevent potential disputes or unforeseen charges as your corporate team building event gets closer. 

Are you interested in hosting a corporate team building event that improves your team’s morale and engagement, boosts collaboration and breaks down barriers? Teambonders can work with you to develop the perfect event for your company. Get in touch with us today and let's explore our range of conference team building programs.


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