Posted by Teambonders on Sep, 20, 2013

This past May, Teambonders had the distinct privilege of spending a day with the fine folks at Money Moron – a popular financial counseling television program, part of the Slice Network stable.  Starring renowned financial advisor Gail Vaz-Oxlade, if you’ve never seen the program, here is a synopsis – as provided by Slice:

Too many people never have the money talk before entering a relationship. Each episode of Money Moron follows a tattler as they enlist money guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s help to save their ailing relationship and create a solid financial foundation for the future.  What better way to blow the whistle on a financially irresponsible boyfriend, wife, brother, or BFF, than by having Gail on your side to tell it like it is?  Financial secrets are exposed, hidden scores drummed up, and challenges issued and braved, as Gail navigates the murky emotional waters of financial infidelities.  What’s on the line?  The relationship and a chance at $10,000 cash.

Our particular episode centered around Dan & Lisa, a couple faced with some harrowing and stark realities (both with their current finances and their potential future retirement outlook).  As part of Gail’s challenge, the couple was sent on a very special scavenger hunt – tracking down mystery retirement-related locations, as well as various physical ‘clues’ symbolizing very real retirement questions and concerns (ie: where will you live, how will you get around, what would happen if you took ill, etc.).

Brought in to design and facilitate the couple’s one-of-a-kind ‘on-foot’ adventure, Teambonders makes its grand appearance around the 15:40 mark of the episode.  Three members of our team were on location for the better part of the day, ensuring that the production crew not only got all of the footage they desired, but to make sure the couple’s very unique hunt ran seamlessly the day of.  We’ll be posting some of our own ‘behind the scenes’ footage in the near future – so be sure to check back.

We thank the team at Peacock Alley Entertainment and the cast & crew of Money Moron for a fun-filled day and a memorable reality-tv experience!  The season 2 episode originally aired on Monday, September 9th, ran again on Sunday, September 15th and once again on Monday, November 4th.  To see it, click HERE.

Watch Money Moron Mondays at 8pm — and check on Tuesdays to find out how each couple is doing now!


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