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Looking for a fun way to foster some further unity in the workplace?  GOTCHA! is a great program to do it.  Sure, the object of the game is to track down and “get” your opponents, but you’ll have a lot of fun with your fellow employees…and potentially meet new people in the company at the same time.  This game works best with a large group of people – the more involved the better – and is certainly recommended for organizations where employees may not know each other.  Play with people only on your floor or include the entire building. You set the boundaries.

TEAMBONDERS ADVICE: The key to a great game of Gotcha! is the organizer’s ultimate ability to not only explain the game properly, but to create a bevy of enthusiasm and excitement among the participants.  The person should be outgoing, personable and comfortable speaking or communicating with the entire group.  It is this person that creates and generates the overall ‘buzz’ and sets the tone of the event.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Post-it-notes / band-aids / cue cards


ASSIGNING TARGETS: The game is really simple.  Write each player’s first and last name on a card.  Then place the cards in a circular pattern on the floor.  Something like this: Mike to Sarah to Steve to…back to Mike.  This is used to determine “targets”. Mike has to “get” Sarah; Sarah has to “get” Steve” and so on.  The game administrator should keep a copy of this target list.  The circle should be kept confidential and remember to only give out first and last names of targets to all players – no visuals of the targets.

HOW TO ”GET” A TARGET: This is what the post-it-notes are for.  The ”getter” needs to stick it onto their target.  It is up to you how long the post-it needs to stick for a ”get” to be registered.  Here’s where the game really takes off.  There are rules as to how a “getter” can attack a target:

• The target can either be alone or in the company of only one other person during an attempted “get”.
• Upon an attempted “get”, the ”getter” must say something to the effect of “My name is ___ and I have been hired to get you.”
• No “gets” can take place in the target’s office, their cubicle space or at their personal desk - ”gets” must transpire in common areas only (ie: hallways, lunchrooms, elevators, the lobby, etc.) – AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BATHROOMS!

WHAT ARE THE BAND-AIDS FOR? The band-aids are used as protection.  Everyone gets one band-aid.  It helps a lot to write their names on them.  If someone is in the process of being “gotten”, they are allowed to use their band-aid to foil the attempt – but they may only use it once – and this protection only lasts for the remainder of the day.  The following morning, lookout!  The target now knows who their ”getter” is.

WHAT IF MY TARGET HAS BEEN “GOT”? Once you have ”gotten” your target, you inherit theirs and the circle keeps getting smaller until only one person is left alive – the victor!

BE CREATIVE! Gotcha! is a very flexible program.  We have seen the game played strictly as written above…but we’ve seen some pretty cool & interesting modifications – all very successful!  However you choose to run the game, the most important thing is to have fun!  Happy “getting”!

– Teambonders

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