Event Description

Teambonders makes drink mixing an exciting, collaborative and competitive experience.

This team building program boosts morale and creativity all in a completely non-intimidating way. Team members step out of their "at-work" roles and learn new ways to relate, communicate and problem solve with one another. The delicious smoothie drinks teams create together become the focus for working together on common goals, sharing responsibility, and appreciating individual skills. Often imitated but we guarantee it cannot be duplicated; our Team Smoothie Mixology experiences are the best in the business. Teams will battle in a timed showdown. Each team will prepare a Signature smoothie that they will present to a panel of judges (VIP's pre-selected from your group!). A plethora of fresh and local ingredients will be provided for each of the teams to choose from and utilize. What they do with all the options is totally up to them! Teams will have a set amount of time to create, taste, mix and perfect their Signature Smoothie!

Suggested Time:

2 hours +

Group Sizes:

8 - 100 +

Suggested Team Size:

Teams of 6-8