Event Description

Get ready for a symphony of whacking!  Turn your team into a fantastic orchestra with the aid of Boom Whackers and our team bonding magic!

Boost morale, camaraderie and creativity in an inclusive program that focuses on a common goal and results in a dynamic, final concert!

This corporate team activity uses Boom Whackers to create a creative arrangement to produce a build up to a final crescendo together.  With the aid of our expert facilitation team, we'll have your team of any size working on different melodies that in the end, we'll all play at the same time.  Get your team playing the same tune with this incredibly terrific, musically charged experience.  No previous experience is necessary.  Get ready for some true performance through play!

Suggested Time:

1 hour +

Group Sizes:

8 - 1000+

Suggested Team Size: