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Combining a Fun, Inclusive Team Building Event With Fundraising for a Charitable Cause Ahead of the Festive Season

Giving back to local charity initiatives is always satisfying, but why not combine your company’s corporate social responsibility program with a fun event for your entire team?


Charity team building initiatives don’t need to be low key. In fact, a charitable team building event can be hugely fun for your employees, while also helping your company to benefit from improved camaraderie, increased productivity, enhanced collaboration and improved employee morale. 

When you host a charitable team building event that’s mixed with a fun activity for your entire team, your business will be able to give its employees the opportunity to work together on something both fun and meaningful.

That’s exactly what Indeed Canada set out to achieve with its latest corporate team building event.

The Goal


Company culture is a critical element to the success of the team at Indeed Canada. The organization strives on building teams that are collaborative, creative, enjoy their jobs and want to be a part of the communities in the local geographies in which they work. 

That’s why the Enterprise Sales, Customer Success and Agency teams for Indeed Canada reached out to Teambonders in the buildup to the festive season. Since it was the first time that the team had been together in-person since before the pandemic, Indeed Canada wanted to host an event that was both fun and gave back to the local community.


Indeed Canada is the number one job site in the country, allowing job seekers to search millions of jobs from thousands of job boards, newspapers, classifieds and company websites.

To bring its team together and host an event that was fun, enjoyable, exciting and inclusive for everyone involved, Indeed Canada reached out to Teambonders to host its Classic Game Show activity, Jeoparty, combined with a Bonding for Charity exercise, Bicycle Building.

Indeed Canada’s main objective of the event was to:

  1. Give back to the local community ahead of the festive season
  2. Improve team morale
  3. Enhance collaboration 
  4. Bring back employees in-person for the first time since the pandemic
  5. Host a fun event that the team could enjoy together

The Teambonders Solution

Game type: Jeoparty and Bicycle Building

Location: Toronto

Date: September 21, 2022

Number of participants: 56

Hosted and created by: Teambonders

To ensure the Indeed Canada team not only had an exciting team activity for their first in-person event since before the pandemic but was also able to give back to a local charity, Teambonders hosted and facilitated a combination of its Jeoparty and Bicycle building activities.

The event, hosted at the Indeed Canada offices in Toronto, kicked off with the super fun  Jeoparty activity. Complete with authentic visuals and sound effects, this exciting, competitive and highly collaborative team-building event saw teams compete against each other to answer pop culture, general knowledge and customized questions. 

In addition to Jeoparty, attendees also took part in Bicycle Building. Facilitated by a high-energy host, teams worked together to build bicycles in this morale-improving and collaborative exercise where attendees created something to be proud of ahead of the festive holiday season.


The teams were provided with everything they needed to build a bicycle, including hand tools and disassembled bicycle parts. They then worked collaboratively together to build the bicycles, earning “bucks” along the way that they could spend on add-ons such as bicycle helmets, safety devices and locks.

In total, the group built seven bicycles which were donated to the boys and girls clubs of Weston-Mount Dennis. Not only did Indeed Canada attendees have a huge amount of fun, but they were able to build bicycles that were sent off to children in need.

The Results


Since the Indeed Canada team hadn’t been together in-person since before the pandemic and with the festive holiday season quickly approaching, Teambonders wanted to host something engaging, fast-moving and exciting.

The overarching aim was to bring the group together for a fun event that helped solidify team bonds, improve collaboration and provide a sense of achievement by giving back to charity ahead of the “season of giving”.

The in-person nature of the event was a huge success, bringing the entirety of the Indeed Canada team together to mingle, work together and have fun as they answered classic game show questions and built bicycles for charity.

Overall, the event was able to improve team morale, highlight the importance of collaboration and ensure the continuation of employee engagement that Indeed Canada prides itself on.

Best of all, the Indeed Canada team was able to achieve all of this while also giving back to charity. The bicycle building element of the activity was not only exciting for all involved, but it helped gear the entire team up for the festive holiday season.



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“The event that Teambonders hosted and facilitated for the team here at Indeed Canada was lots of fun, everyone involved loved the entire experience. We would absolutely recommend Teambonders to any organization looking to improve collaboration, team morale, and, most of all, have fun!”

Human Resources
Indeed Canada

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