• Very professionally done!

    - Heather P., Bell Mobility
  • Lots of energy & great ideas. You thought of things we’d need to do long before I realized they needed doing – a great help!

    - Wendy T., PPG Canada Inc.
  • Activities were great. Gary and Jake were way too much fun! We still talk about “Olympic Simon Says”. Thanks!!

    - Monica N., Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Thanks again for all your help and enthusiasm – we had a blast! Look forward to working with you again!

    - Marian S., Nestle Inc.
  • I wanted to thank you for taking the time to energize our conference delegates. You had such terrific energy and your team was wonderful.

    - Louise G., Health Canada
  • Thank you to all the team of ICIC for their professionalism. This event was a great success for everyone who participated. Thank you again!

    - Micheline R., CDSPI
  • Seriously, the BEST EVER! We are being totally honest – everything was perfect. We look forward to working with you again!

    - Sonya E. & Linda K., GE Capital
  • Great value versus comparable programs.

    - Bill D., Microsoft
  • Definitely the best event we have had in a long time. People were still talking about it after the weekend!

    - Damien H., Xerox
  • You guys are great! Keep up the good work!

    - Senga S., Event Spectrum Inc.
  • I will use ICIC again. Your professionalism is what I was looking for in a program facilitator. Thanks!

    - Kimberly B., Toronto Tours Ltd.
  • Received positive feedback from the staff the next day on how much fun they had in the morning with you.

    - Colleen E., Glen Corporation
  • The event was different then anything we had done before as we were giving back to the community in the end.

    - Lori H., Nycomed
  • Everyone really enjoyed themselves and have come away with good memories.

    - Lauren O., Manulife Financial
  • Thank you very much! We had an amazing time and you and your staff were amazing as well! We’d definitely work with you guys again.

    - Ashley F., Centerbridge Partners, LP
  • Our client was very happy, which makes us very happy! We look forward to working together again in the future.

    - Deanna P., Toronto Tours Ltd.
  • This was a fantastic experience for the group as well as us.

    - Melody A., Event Spectrum Inc.
  • Great day! Thank you!

    - Michelle K., County of Simcoe
  • We couldn’t have chosen a better activity – we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next year!

    - Michele A., Corporate Telecom Services Inc.
  • Overall, an excellent job with very high levels of satisfaction from all participants.

    - Jared L., Maple Leaf Foods
  • Our customers are still raving about this experience and I look forward to working with Jake again.

    - Michael M., Biovail
  • The event itself went very smoothly and was enjoyed by all the participants.

    - Michael M., Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Would like to discuss further opportunities for future teambuilding events.

    - Michaela S., Central LHIN
  • Would definitely use your organization again!

    - Cathy B., Kraft Foods Inc.
  • All I can say is great job! The team had a blast! We will definitely keep you in mind for future activity.

    - Tom N. & Vince R., Global Vintners Inc.
  • Thank you for making our departmental staff workshop such a success! I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the day!

    - Debbie P., Burlington Transit
  • I love how organized your company was with everything and it ran really smoothly and on time.

    - Andrea H., Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.



Ready to explore the world of a being a Secret Agent?  Crack out your passports, brush up on your dossiers and get ready for the team building mission to end all missions!  Your teams will be racing against the clock as you try to foil the mastermind scheme of the nefarious “Dr. Know”.  Though his identity is a complete mystery, Agency intelligence has confirmed that he possesses a nuclear device and is threatening to detonate it – unless his demands are met.  Can your teams find the location of his secret lair, neutralize the subject and disarm the weapon in time?  You’ll be on a tight deadline and your journey will be chock full of intricate mission challenges, covert riddles and in-field agency tests!  Headquarters will assist along the way – supplying mission updates, coded messages and electronic reports (for your eyes only), but ultimately, the world’s safety depends on your quick wit…your steely resolve…and, of course, your world-renowned charming personalities.  Tuxedos are optional…

Depending on your coporate group’s ultimate needs, this fast-paced, pulse-pounding activity is offered in two exciting formats: BASIC TRAINING (for those looking for a less time-consuming, less-facilitator dependant event) and our ADVANCED MISSON (a much more intricate adventure which sees the Teambonders crew fully interact with your teams as in-game characters - including meddling Henchmen, helpful Field Assets and key Agency personnel).


For those looking for a pure INDOOR event, this module is for you. Whether the game zone is your corporate headquarters or another venue of your choice, we bring all of the covert, espionage excitement to your preferred location!



This mainly OUTDOOR module features the downtown core of Toronto as the official game zone. Your teams will be scouring the cultural ‘globe’ in your quest to solve mission challenges and obtaining & deciphering vital clues!