• Very professionally done!

    - Heather P., Bell Mobility
  • Lots of energy & great ideas. You thought of things we’d need to do long before I realized they needed doing – a great help!

    - Wendy T., PPG Canada Inc.
  • Activities were great. Gary and Jake were way too much fun! We still talk about “Olympic Simon Says”. Thanks!!

    - Monica N., Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Thanks again for all your help and enthusiasm – we had a blast! Look forward to working with you again!

    - Marian S., Nestle Inc.
  • I wanted to thank you for taking the time to energize our conference delegates. You had such terrific energy and your team was wonderful.

    - Louise G., Health Canada
  • Thank you to all the team of ICIC for their professionalism. This event was a great success for everyone who participated. Thank you again!

    - Micheline R., CDSPI
  • Seriously, the BEST EVER! We are being totally honest – everything was perfect. We look forward to working with you again!

    - Sonya E. & Linda K., GE Capital
  • Great value versus comparable programs.

    - Bill D., Microsoft
  • Definitely the best event we have had in a long time. People were still talking about it after the weekend!

    - Damien H., Xerox
  • You guys are great! Keep up the good work!

    - Senga S., Event Spectrum Inc.
  • I will use ICIC again. Your professionalism is what I was looking for in a program facilitator. Thanks!

    - Kimberly B., Toronto Tours Ltd.
  • Received positive feedback from the staff the next day on how much fun they had in the morning with you.

    - Colleen E., Glen Corporation
  • The event was different then anything we had done before as we were giving back to the community in the end.

    - Lori H., Nycomed
  • Everyone really enjoyed themselves and have come away with good memories.

    - Lauren O., Manulife Financial
  • Thank you very much! We had an amazing time and you and your staff were amazing as well! We’d definitely work with you guys again.

    - Ashley F., Centerbridge Partners, LP
  • Our client was very happy, which makes us very happy! We look forward to working together again in the future.

    - Deanna P., Toronto Tours Ltd.
  • This was a fantastic experience for the group as well as us.

    - Melody A., Event Spectrum Inc.
  • Great day! Thank you!

    - Michelle K., County of Simcoe
  • We couldn’t have chosen a better activity – we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next year!

    - Michele A., Corporate Telecom Services Inc.
  • Overall, an excellent job with very high levels of satisfaction from all participants.

    - Jared L., Maple Leaf Foods
  • Our customers are still raving about this experience and I look forward to working with Jake again.

    - Michael M., Biovail
  • The event itself went very smoothly and was enjoyed by all the participants.

    - Michael M., Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Would like to discuss further opportunities for future teambuilding events.

    - Michaela S., Central LHIN
  • Would definitely use your organization again!

    - Cathy B., Kraft Foods Inc.
  • All I can say is great job! The team had a blast! We will definitely keep you in mind for future activity.

    - Tom N. & Vince R., Global Vintners Inc.
  • Thank you for making our departmental staff workshop such a success! I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the day!

    - Debbie P., Burlington Transit
  • I love how organized your company was with everything and it ran really smoothly and on time.

    - Andrea H., Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.



If the group craves a mouth-watering, culinary team building activity – then you’ve come to the right place!  Teambonders makes working with food a dynamic and exciting experience in teamwork, boosting morale and creativity in a non-intimidating, all inclusive way.  When groups put on an apron, step out of the office and into the kitchen, something exciting transpires.  Your group will unzip from their “at-work” roles and learn new ways to relate and communicate with each other.  The delicious food they create becomes the focus for working together on common goals, sharing responsibility, and appreciating individual skills.

SPECIAL NOTES: These program requires access to fresh water, power and kitchen facilities in many cases (but not all).  We have partnered with professional kitchen spaces for you to consider if it is neccessary – but more often than not – we are able to convert any workspace into the next Kitchen Stadium.


With the help of our trained chefs, our Custom Corporate Iron Chef Challenge is just like the battle on the Food Network Channel. You will need to arrive with your group pre-divided into equal sized Kitchen Teams. Then the battle begins! Teams work together to successfully produce masterpieces in a timed Iron Chef-style culinary competition. Each team will be provided with a recipe book and will have one hour to prepare a three-course menu consisting of an APPETIZER, MAIN ENTREE (Protein, Starch and Vegetable), and DESSERT to present to the rest of the group and panel of expert judges. Regardless of your creative abilities and flair in the kitchen, this activity will help foster great working relationships and unleash that inspired workplace that you’ve been longing for. Performed almost anywhere, this group project is the perfect remedy for the regular routine of the workplace.


All the excitement of our traditional Corporate Iron Chef Challenges, except we’ve not only reduced the equipment and pantry items available, but most importantly, have given you a smaller canvas to work with! Oh, did we mention we’ve also shortened the clock, too? If you’ve seen the program, you’ll know that your savory culinary creations will be not only be judged on ONE TASTE…but they must also be built and presented on a SINGLE SPOON! A perfect program for more intimate-sized groups, shorter time allotments and smaller budgets!


For those with a sweet tooth, this program is definitely for you! Armed with plethora of baking ingredients and the limitless bounds of your imagination, teams race against the clock to produce their decadent cake masterpieces. The Teambonders crew will assist along the way, but make no mistake, your team will be under the scrutiny of the expert panel of judges – when it comes to critiquing taste, moistness, overall structural design & aesthetics. So, leave all inhibitions at the door and prepare to get your hands dirty! This program can be themed, fully-customized and/or mandated to include a corporate identity, and is great for groups of all sizes.


Similar in overall ‘flavor’ (pardon the pun) to its big brother namesake, this challenging event requires teams to create a MULTITUDE of mini delectable treats – still within the set time limit. You’ll find the expert panel to be just as scrutinizing, but will also now be judging teams’ creations on consistency in look, taste and presentation as well. With a smaller surface area to work with, teams are even further pressed to demonstrate their creative flair and ideas!