We are Teambonders or the Imagination Creation and Innovation Corporation (ICIC).  Fun is the Name of Our Game!™.  We are a team of skilled facilitators, committed to raising the spirit of camaraderie, cooperation and communication by transferring these assets back to the workplace through interactive and social play.  We create and execute fun, custom team building activities and programs for all types of corporate groups and related events.  Our programs are always specifically tailored to suit your individual needs and your corporate identity.  Our attention to even the smallest of details is what keeps our clients coming back year after year, event after event.


We’ll get your team motivated, excited and productive.  We re-energize people!  In everything we do, we motivate and encourage your organizations’ “human” resources to work together and to attempt new things.  All of our team building activities and programs are intended to bolster communication skills, promote teamwork and creativity in a carefree, fun and social environment.  Nobody does it like we do it – period.  Our unique brand of interactive programming mixed with dedicated, professional execution sets us apart from everyone else.  We do whatever it takes to make your event incredible.  Watch your employees function impeccably together, constructing solutions and working as a unit, not even realizing that they are learning from their experience.  High quality, professional interactive fun is exactly what we can do for you.


In addition to the team building activity you choose, Teambonders can provide your group with as much or as little discussion based learning as you would like.  You can add a participant centred debriefing or discussion to your custom designed team building program.  Your team will reflect upon the variety of core ‘soft’ skills they exercised and how they can and will benefit them bringing this new found experience and knowledge back into your workplace.  In short, we never pretend to completely understand the intricacies of your organization and business.  We do, however, understand people – and people are what define your organization.